Woodpecker Apex Locator - Woodpex III

Woodpecker Apex Locator - Woodpex III

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  • Sound changes indicate file position in the root canal.
  • Measurement independent of file thickness.
  • Clear bright LCD display with color-coded trajectory indication.
  • Advanced multiple frequency network impedance measurement for accurate results.
  • Autoclavable accessories for effective cross-infection prevention.
  • Rechargeable battery for convenient and cost-effective use.
  • Folding design for easy adjustment of visual angle.

The Apex Locator Woodpex III  is an endodontic treatment by accurately measures the length of the apical teeth. The device offers several features and specifications that contribute to its effectiveness and ease of use The Apex Locator Woodpex III  is is equipped with a clear and bright LCD screen, providing a clear image and displaying the trajectory of the file in different colors, ensuring easy visualization. It utilizes advanced multiple-frequency network impedance measurement technology, along with automatic calibration, to ensure precise and accurate measurements.
One of the notable features of the Apex Locator Woodpex III  is the ability to autoclave its accessories, such as the measuring wire, file clip, and lip hook, under high temperature and pressure. This feature effectively prevents cross-infection and enhances the device's hygiene.

The device operates on a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. This ensures convenience and uninterrupted use during dental procedures. The main unit of the Apex Locator Woodpex III  features various indicators, including power and sound indicators, a length measurement indicator, and a power on/off button. The main accessories include the measuring wire, file clip, lip hook, measuring file, battery tester, and emulsion of enlarging apex.

The intended use of the Woodpex III includes the measurement of various dental conditions such as pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periapical periodontitis, tooth length before restoration of post crown, as well as tooth length of transplantation and retransplantation.

Please Note: Accuracy in readings for apex locators is claimed to be 97.7% accurate. Readings may vary from the conventional method of working length determination (radiographic method) & may fluctuate in cases where the precautions (recommended in user manual) are not followed