Water Jet 6 Steam+Water cleaner with decalcificator 10104004

Water Jet 6 Steam+Water cleaner with decalcificator 10104004

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Water and steam cleaner for flasks, for removing of wax from models, articulators, plates, etc.

Water Jet is directly connected to the water line and the water filling of the internal boiler is automatic, allowing a continous use of the device with at 6 bars. The Steam or Water-Steam release can be selected directly from the hand gun, and the power of its jet is adjustable. Stainless steel boiler. Water Jet can also be fixed at a wall. Decalcificator and mounting accessories are included.

Lavamuffole acqua-vapore
Water and Steam cleaner for flasks
Waschgerät für die Setzkästen
Lave-moufles eau-vapeur
Lavamuflas agua-vapor

Decalcificatore di grande portata in acciaio inox incluso
Supplied with standard high capacity stainless steel decalcificator
Entkalker mit hoher kapazität aus edelstahl gratis
Détartreur de grand débit en acier inox en cadeau
Descalcificadora de gran capacidad en acero inoxidable gratis