VarseoWax Tray
VarseoWax Tray
VarseoWax Tray
VarseoWax Tray

VarseoWax Tray

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  • VarseoWax Tray is water- and solvent-resistant during processing
  • The printed objects can be universally used for all impression materials
  • The outstanding dimensional stability and strength enable precise and deformation-free impressions to be taken on patients
  • Thanks to the CAD wax-up, retention holes can be conveniently produced in the impression tray in one step – there is no need for additional drilling
  • CAM production ensures evenly rounded edges – no timeconsuming grinding of the margins necessary
  • The smooth surfaces of the printed objects form the basis for an excellent fit
  • Tested parameters tailored to the VarseoWax Tray resin ensure the rapid and economic production of impression trays
  • The CE mark certifies security, efficiency and permanent monitoring of VarseoWax Tray and stands for excellent cross-batch quality standarts of the product
  • Biocompatibility confirmed by an institute means safety for patients
  • VarseoWax Tray satisfies all the requirements for a Class I medical device as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Item name
    VarseoWax Tray
  • Content/amount
    1 kg bottle
  • Product description
    for individual impression trays
  • Layer thickness
    100 µm
  • Density
    1,12 g/cm³
  • Charpy-Impact strength
    ≥ 3 kJ/m²
  • Felcural modulus
    ≥ 1.500 MPa
  • Flexural strength
    ≥ 50 MPa
  • Color
    blue opaque
  • Viscosity
    1100 mPa*s
  • Wave length
    405 nm

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