Smile Creator

Smile Creator

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“Create added value with the Smile Creator – the innovative in-Cad Smile Design solution for foreseeable aesthetic “smile makeovers”. Integrated in exocad, the Smile Creator makes it possible for dental laboratories to reliably assess the prosthetic feasibility even during the aesthetic planning – thanks to the innovative 2D/3D technology.

  • Load patient photos in exocad. These are converted into 3D objects, which can be made on 3D scanners.
  • Automatically added reference lines and process them
  • Select a suitable tooth form from the comprehensive library
  • Use the easy 2D tools to process the 3D shapes
  • Observe the result in 3D from different angles in real-time

The Smile Creator is available as an add-on module for exocad DentalCAD or as a stand-alone version”

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