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  • These waxes ensure a quick and exact working, since the beads allow an exact dosage of the desired wax quantity when picking them up. Especially when used in connection with S-U-ELEKTRO-KULI. The waxes correspond in quality to the well-tried and tested cone-shaped modelling waxes:
  • S-U-WAX-BEADS blue, hard-elastic corresponds to S-U-MODELLING-WAX, blue hard-elastic . Solidus 54°C (129°F).
  • S-U-WAX-BEADS green, medium hard corresponds to S-U-MODELLING-WAX, green medium-hard . Solidus 57°C (135°F).
  • S-U-WAX-BEADS beige corresponds to S-U-ESTHETIC-WAX-O beige hard. Solidus 51°C (124°F).
  • S-U-WAX-BEADS grey corresponds to S-U-INLAY-WAX, grey hard. Solidus 53°C (127°F).