QUATRO - JetStream

QUATRO - JetStream

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Jet-Stream dust collector compact serie - ( 2 stations ). Health smart anti-microbial deluxe filter bag Electrostatic action that collects dust like a magnet and is suitable for all materials including abrasives. Two stations with simultaneous use and has ultra quiet efficient performance.
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Maximum airflow 110 CFM with a maximum pressure of 90" W.C.
1 micron pre-filter bag, easily replaced
99.97% effective HEPA filter on particles larger than 0.3 micron
Built in silencer reduces noise to 49 dBA
Sleek, modern and easily portable
Full range speed control
CSA/UL approved motors with circuit breaker and thermal cut-out protection
Remote on-off communication
Optional 26 litre Knock out bucket for larger debris


1.5in diam inlet collection ports
2x4 feet of heavy dutty hose ( vacuum aspirator )
257mm wide x308mm high x362mm deep