Machine IV

Machine IV

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The “Machine” is an economical unit that is excellent for fabricating most thermoplastic appliances
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Base section made from super strong, lightweight space age thermoplastic material designed for high temperature applications.

• Easy to clean polymer base has no paint or powder coating that will chip or scratch off so your unit will look good for many years.

• Plastic housing dampens vibrations better than traditional cast aluminum resulting in a quieter running unit.

• Compact lightweight design takes up less bench space than traditional vacuum formers yet is light enough to be picked up and stowed on a shelf or in a cabinet when not in use.

• Vented heater cover allows heat to quickly dissipate to protect heater wiring thus extending the life of the heater. This also allows machine to cool more quickly after use.

• Locking handle allows you to vary the height of the material plate during heating to control the heating rate of various materials.

• Replaceable vacuum platform.

• Contoured vacuum platform allows full airflow under the model for complete adaptation to undercuts.

• Plug and play spade connectors allows for field replacement of heaters.

• Simple reliable touch pad control with several safety features including:

- The vacuum control turns off the heater and the heater control turns off the vacuum. This insures that the heater will never be left on continuously for many hours. This protects the heart and insures safety in the workplace. Whenever there is a need to run many cycles in succession simply turn the vacuum off using the heater control. This will turn off the vacuum and turn the heat back on. The heater will still be sufficiently warm to start your next model.

- Built-in safety timer that shuts down the heater if not used for 15 minutes.

- Built-in over temperature sensor on the circuit board powers down the entire unit in the unlikely event timer fails and the unit is left on overnight.

- Built-in tilt-switch that powers down the unit if it is knocked over or tilted more than 45 degrees.

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