LaserStar T plus®
LaserStar T plus®
LaserStar T plus®
LaserStar T plus®
LaserStar T plus®
LaserStar T plus®

LaserStar T plus®

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• Compact and powerful, with user-friendly features

• Precision welding ensured by controllable welding energy with pulse time, charging voltage and focus adjustment

• Ergonomic design and positioning of the controls directly in the field of vision for convenient and fatigue-free working

• Simple operation with a large colour touch display and intuitive menu navigation

• Pulse shaping for high-strength stress- and crack-free joints

• Eco mode switches off all unnecessary components in idle mode and reduces operating costs

• The external Ventus extraction unit efficiently removes welding fumes from the welding chamber, ensuring maximum safety at

the workplace


  • Item name
    LaserStar T plus
  • Laser type
    Nd: YAG
  • Welding smoke extraction
    Integrated connection for an external extraction system, such as BEGO Ventus
  • Welding parameter
    can be set both inside and outside the welding chamber
  • Microscope
    4H Jena with TrueView function 16x (visible magnification)
  • Pulse shapes
    4 fixed, 12 variable available
  • Width
    540 mm
  • Height
    460 mm
  • Depth
    690 mm
  • Product description
    Compact power laser unit
  • Wave length
    1064 nm
  • Content/amount
    1 piece
  • Wasser-Luft-Kühling
    with ion filter, integrated
  • Nominal voltage
    230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Lighting working chamber
    LED ring light, adjustable
  • Inert gas nozzle for argon
    1 flexible, 1 fixed
  • Aming
    Reticle in microscope
  • Power requirements
    230 VAC/50 Hz, 1 phase, 13 A or 110 VAC/60 Hz, 1 phase, 15 A
  • Pulse rate
    Single pulse, 1-50 Hz
  • Stain diameter
    0.2 - 2.6 mm
  • Net weigth
    60 kg
  • Pulse energy
  • Pulse energy

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