Diamond D® Heat-Cured Acrylic - 5lb Pack

Diamond D® Heat-Cured Acrylic - 5lb Pack

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Get a strong and durable dental repair with Diamond D® heat-cured acrylic, now available at Dental Store NZ.

This premium product is heat-cured for increased strength and longevity. Diamond D® heat-cured acrylic is an ideal choice for dental repairs and restorations, as it is highly durable and provides superior strength and longevity. The heat-cured process ensures that the material is strong and resilient, and will provide long-lasting results.


  • Heat-cured for increased strength and longevity
  • Resistant to staining and fading
  • Will not chip or crack easily
  • More resistant to damage from wear and tear
  • Ideal for long-term dental repairs and restorations

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Note: 2.25kg Powder & 946 ml Liquid