Laboratory Putty 1.6 kg
Condensation silicone, it can be scanned with optical / laser / tactile reading systems.
Available in 2 hardnesses (80 or 92 Shore A) and in two sizes (1.6 or 5 kg).
To be used in combination with the Enersyl catalyst.
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Laboratory type C silicone, perfectly adapts to all techniques and fields of application within the dental laboratory and dental clinic.

• High accuracy (50 µm)
• Final hardness (80 or 92 Shore A) achieved in a short time
• Optimal viscosity and mix workability
• Excellent compression resistance
• Strong adhesion to cyanoacrylate
• Compatible with self and thermo-setting acrylic resins
• Excellent resistance to heat (120°C)
• Long working time (4 minutes)
• Easy finishing by burs
• Compatible with latex gloves


Ergasil combines practicality of use with a series of advantages that allow the technician to obtain maximum precision in the construction of the prosthetic product.
The long processing time allows it to be adapted to the areas very easily without incurring risks of pre-hardening the material.
The degree of useful hardness achieved by Ergasil silicone in a short time allows to work on widely stable masses, constituting a huge advantage for the optimization of the processing and time saving phases.

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