Blazer Touch Activated Gas Burner
This portable completely self contained compact burner features instant ignition for a fast and reliable startup every time.

Simply rest your hand on the touch sensitive pad to instantly ignite the burner. Lift your hand from the pad when you’re done to extinguish the flame and shut the unit off.

The touch activated burner also features a handy dual use locking mechanism that will either lock the flame on, for those longer jobs, or function as a safety lock that prevents accidental ignition.
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NZ$ 495.32
NZ$ 442.48
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5.6"L x 2.6" W x 5.5" H

Weight: 11.2oz.

Maximum Flame Temp. (Blue)


Maximum Flame Temp.



Continuous Burn Time Approx. 65 Minutes (will vary with flame type)

Fuel Capacity:

10 Grams

 1 AA Battery Included

Portable, travels easily  to different workspaces

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