Saeshin OZ ELITE Micromotor + Handpiece + Footcontrol
RPM: Max. 50,000 rpm
Set Includes control box, handpiece, speed control foot pedal
Self-diagnostic error display
Low noise & vibration, maximal efficiency
Hand / Foot speed control system
Work memory storage
One Year Warranty
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The unit also features the thinnest, lightest and shortest handpiece on the market. Ideal for a variety of applications including grinding, finishing and polishing.

System includes the OZ Elite Micromotor controller and H180 handpiece with 1/8" or 3/32" collet, variable speed foot rheostat (FS60), handpiece cradle rest, detachable handpiece holder and replacement fuse. Made in Korea.

Key Features:

Incredible power- even at low speeds.
Dial or foot rheostat speed control.
Auto-cruise function for fixed speed operation with foot rheostat.
Easy-to-read digital speed display for precise speed and torque settings.
Self-diagnostic error display & memory storage.
Error-checking/troubleshooting system with digital display.
Overload protection.
Forward/reverse rotation function.
Handpiece is thin, lightweight, and one of the shortest on market.
Sturdy rubber feet to sit on your bench in the vertical or horizontal position.
One-year warranty.

roduct Specification

Frequency 50/60 Hz
Maximum Speed Max 50000 RPM
Motor Brand Saeshin
Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 100 ~ 120V,220 ~ 240V
Output Voltage 230 V
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