Forte 400S - Saeshin
The brushless motor allows you to achieve high torques with reduced vibrations and noise.
Designed to minimize weight and diameter, making it particularly well-suited to a small hand.
Independent speed sensors have been used to improve the response to load changes and to maximize torque in the full speed range.

The most important properties:

Ergonomic and functional design of the power unit
High durability
Smooth speed regulation in the range of 0 to 50,000 rpm
A powerful, efficient engine.
Information about the engine load displayed on the diode line
Low noise and vibration during operation; maximum performance
TWIST-LOCK type lock
Power unit controlled by a microprocessor, whose task is to control the device's operating parameters; program of self-diagnosis of the device with information about possible problems
Automatic recognition of the type of connected micromotor
Foot pedal, smooth speed control of the micromotor
The "autopilot" function - after maintaining the speed for about 3s, you can release the foot control and the motor will work until you press it again
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