Panoura Pan Upgradeable to 3D
The Panoura is a 3-in-1 panoramic system that enables you to you can install the unit today and then upgrade with a 3d sensor. The Panoura 18 provide yo uwith freedom and flexibility for in-office ceph upgrade or 3D.
The Panoura a built-in cooling system located in the Sensor Housing. The Panoura 18S also has mulitple examinations: * Panaromic 3D Imaging * TMJ - Sinus and Cephalometric

Technicial Information:
* Built-in Cooling system
* Multipal Examinations
* Autofocus Imaging
* Multifocal layer technology
* 4,500 images in a single pan
* CdTe technology: 3 times resolution
* Superior algorithm engine

The Panoura CMOS sensor can be easily placed on the Cephalometric arm or the panoramixc port. Just twist the lock in place and you are ready to acquire.

EVAsoft - Dental Imaging Software
EVAsoft – Our dental imaging software supplied with the unit, is a powerful image management tool to acquire, process, print and store your images in a simple and effective wa
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