810 Plus Aut Replenishment Upg
The 810 Basic or 9000 processor may be used in a normally lighted room by employing the following optionally available Daylight Loader.

This light-tight film loader accomodates all intraoral, panoramic, 5" X 7" (12.7 X 17.8 cm) and 8" X 10" (20.3 X 25.4 cm) film sizes.

The large, removable amber/red safelight filter on top of the loader is designed for use with intraoral films only.

The brown, opaque cover must be used with all extraoral films. The projecting sleeves at the front of the loader are provided for a light-tight seal around the arms of the operator.

Also provided is a metal mounting bracket to firmly attach the loader to the processor. Beneath the loader is a black bag for loading and unloading flexible-type panoramic cassettes.
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