18 Cases of IFP Dev & Fixer
Quality chemistry ensures clearer films and an efficiently running processor.
Dental offices have trusted Dent-X´s Excel Developer and Fixer for decades because it is the highest quality chemistry available. To rise above the rest, Excel!

Excel Chemistry Features:
* Superior Quality Ready-To-Use Chemistry for Film Processors
* Survey Rated as #1 Film Processing Developer and Fixer
* Environmentally Friendly, Non-Hazardous Chemistry
* Cleaner Working Film Processor
* Low Oxidation Rate Ensures a Longer Shelf Life
* Lower Replenishment Rate in the Processor
* Provides High Film Output
* Superb Chelating Agents for Highest Quality Films
* Ready-To-Use, Concentrate and Instant Film Processing Agents
* Bottling & Distribution Facilities in California and New York
* Each Case Contains 4 Gallons of Chemistry
* Quarterly Developer and Fixer Specials

18 Cases Contains:
* x36 Gallons of Fixer
* x36 Gallons of Developer
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