Autoclave Euro B Standard
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Autoclave Euro B Standard

* Adopting European with thermal vacuuming and drying fuction, it can be used for A type hollow instruments and solid instrument.
* Thermodynamic vacuum guarantees elimination of cold air from cavity and makes sure of perfect saturation of water draining.
* Three sterilizing water quantity selections are respectivily different material, which embolies the individualize serve.
* Automatic malfunction detecting system makes easy maintaining.

Autoclave New Euro B

This Autoclave is designed and made for places that need constant sterilization, such as clinics, medical departments, laboratories, etc. Being automatically controlled by a microprocessor and with a people-friendly interface, this sterilizer is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The different parameters and conditions in the operating process are displayed dynamically on a digital screen. Its automatic detection of malfunctions, protection of over-heating and excess pressure ensures the reliability of the sterilization. With a built-in condensed water collector dispelling the need to let off exhaust steam, this product is safe and environment-friendly.

Autoclave Emerald

The Emerald Autoclave sterilize surgical instruments, dressing, glassware, plastics. These Autoclave have: Dry function, Full Water Alarm, Auto Failure detection, Vacuum and two shelves.

*  Compact design only 23"x15"x14"(60x39x36cm) 18 liter capacity 
*  Temperature 251f or 269f (122c & 132c ) 
*  Sterilizing pressure 17.4-33.3ps (0.12mpa & 0.23mpa) 
*  Time 25 or 6 minutes 
*  Heater power 1000 watts/ 9 amps 
*  Manual water supply 
*  Overheating protection

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