WORLDENT - AIR-FORCE Complete Air Laboratory Handpiece

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WORLDENT - AIR-FORCE  Complete Air Laboratory Handpiece
High Performance High Speed Air Handpiece
Encapsulated Sealed Turbo-Cartridge -
Powerful high velocity CAD/CAM design
Advanced Bur Ejection System - Durable design for easy bur removal
Independent Replaceable FG Chuck - Screws out separately from sealed turbo-cartridge
Ultra-Quiet Vibration Free - Designed for superior performance
Compact & Lightweight - Handpiece weighs less than 2 oz.
Built-In FG Bur Holder - For easy access
Air Pressure Regulator & Gauge - Includes on-board "Moisture Guard" control
Injection Gel Lubricant System - Oil free "Gel-Lube" applicator
Bur Insertion Capsule - Concentrically guides FG bur into chuck
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NZ$ 1,451.61
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300,00 rpm
Recommenced Air Pressure (Max): 35 psi ( 2.5 bar )
Handpiece Weight : 2 oz (55 gm)
Air consumption: 34-35 L/min
Bur Type: Straight FG
Bur Diameter: 1.59-1.60 mm (1/6´´)
Bur Length (max): 25 mm
Air Force Complete Includes:
High speed air handpiec with encapsulated sealed CADCAM turbo cartridge, removable chuck, pressure gauge regulator, "moisture guard" condensation & filtration system, built-in bur holder, injection Gel-Lube / applicator, bur insertion capsule, on/off foot pedal with hoses and built-In handpiece holder.

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