RENFERT- Silent Compact 1 Station Dust Collector
The SILENT compact is a small, workplace extraction unit for one appliance.
No dust bag change due to bagless, fine filter technology, including mechanical filter cleaning function.
Easy use due to the intelligent switch-on function controlled by the appliance.
Noise level reduced due to a fully enclosed collector motor.
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Our entire clean air expertise at your workplace.

The impressive advantages of a product range well designed in every detail: Silent extractor units.

Clean air instead of health-relevant dust: thanks to strong, controllable suction power of up to a volume flow of 4,000 l/min. (140 cfm).
High degree of environmental dust prevention due to an effective filter system (filter efficiency 99.9%).

Noise protection
Reduction of the operating noise ensures significantly quieter extraction units according to psycho-acoustic knowledge

More convenient, direct access to all controls on the front of the unit.
Intuitive and comfortable setting of various parameter via an operating panel or bright multifunctional display

 The Calibration
Comfortable control of the dust generating device due to exact calibration of the automatic switch-on function at the workbench extraction units.

 The SPS interface
Intelligent bi-directional communication with the CAM unit on the CAM extractors.
this means messages can be processed and measures initiated such as switch on or switch off, activation of the fine filter cleaning function and requesting the extraction's function status

Filter technology
The fine filter cleaning function is carried out on the bagless extractors  either pneumatically or mechanically. After every cleaning cycle, the fine filter is clean and ready for use again.
The dust is collected in a drawer, which can be easily emptied from the front. Time-consuming dust bag change belongs to the past for bagless extractors.

Motor technology
Significantly enhanced lifetime of the collector motors thanks to a sophisticated transformer control (Motor running time > 800 operating hours.)
Low downtime as the motor can be replaced by the user within a few minutes.
Long service-life (>5,000 operating hours) and low maintenance with EC motors with brushless turbine technology.

Easily built-in due to compact construction
Attractive, high grade design due to the use of special plastic.
Low downtime as the motor can be quickly replaced by the user (takes 10 min).
Two suction levels with one suction level optimally suited to the relevant application.
Active health protection due to filter technology with a filter efficiency of 99.9%.

Functional, esthetic, compact.

Key functions
No need to change the dust bag as fine filter technology takes place without a filter bag and thanks to mechanical filter cleaning.
Appliance controlled via an intelligent, automatic switch.
Noise level reduced due to a fully encapsulated turbine unit.

Technical Data:
Electrical power of suction turbine: 490 W
Volume flow (max.): 2500 l/min 
max. Depression: 21,9 kPa
LpA (at max. volume flow): 55 dB (A)
Weight: approx. 13.2 kg
 Dimensions (HxWxD): 440 x 245 x 500 mm
Fill level dust drawer: ca. 2,6 l

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