Denstar No Flame Plus Bunsen Burner
Electric Bunsen Burner Induction Heating System - 220 Volts
Electric Bunsen burner in the form of a compact induction heating
Replaces the open flame.
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 Mobile and immediately operational, no gas required.
 Eliminates the risks of getting burned or causing fire.
 Clean, i.e. no soot particles on instrument and/or material.
 No heat emission into the environment.
 Does not consume oxygen Ideal conditions.
 Ideal for setups where FLAME DEVICES are not allowed.

The Bunsen Burner must be connected where there is voltage rugulation or not in the same line as air conditioners and ovens.
In order to calibrate,at the bottom, there is a calibration screw which must be twisted clockwise or counter clockwise with the regulation key provided, until the green light appears instead of the red light. Every time there is a difference in voltage the burner must be calibrated for the new voltage.

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