Porcelain Instrument Set
Porcelain Instrument with 6 interchangeable blades set.
 Sculpt. Cut. Carve. Design. No other blades offer the ability to create such intricate detail in a variety of sculpturing tasks. With six different blades at your fingertips and handles created for ultimate comfort, our system will be certain to meet the demands of any ceramist.
 Quality = optimal performance. Perfect for any type of porcelain task, our 0.1mm blades are designed for optimal performance. Their excellent elasticity makes them capable of great detail and ensures endurance. Our three handle types are available in aluminium or polycarbonate.
 Change blades in a snap. With our Quick Change System, changing blades has never been easier. Our interchangeable blades ensure that your time is spent where it should be: designing your final product. When you are finished, store your blade sets and handles in our brushed aluminium storage case.
 Option A ,B or C
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