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• ZOE cement has sedative effect on pulp

• Good to excellent initial sealing capabilities

• Adequate strength for temporary use

• Easy to use

• Can be used for liners, dressing seals, sedative bases

and temporary cementation

• Optimally adjusted for cosmetic results

• Remains flexible for easy removal

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  • 2 X 5 ml syringes & 15
    mixing tips
    Mizzy Temporary Cement in
    automix syringes are similar to the
    trusted Mizzy Fleck’s cement that
    has been successfully used for
    generations. It is ideal for cementing
    temporary crown and bridges,
    and trial cementing of permanent
    restorations.The ZOE cement
    protects the pulp from thermal
    shock. Cavities lined with ZOE
    cements can be filled promptly.
    • Can be applied directly from
    syringe tip
    • No air bubbles, no mixing
    procedure mistakes, no mixing
    by hand
    • No over or under mixing doses
    • Neutral color, no effect on
    • Will not disturb curing of
    composite based acrylics
    • Provides excellent marginal seals
    • Adheres to temporary crown and
    bridge materials
    • Easily removed prior to permanent
    NZ$ 185.05
  • NZ$ 105.09