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  • Deluxe Magnetic Articulation
    Same advantages as the Deluxe only with magnetic split
    casting to ensure easy removal and exact setting of models.
    Excellent for checking cases, totally interchangeable, light in
    weight and Teflon coated.
    NZ$ 192.71
  • Deluxe Magnetic with Denture Articulator Pins
    An excellent articulator to be used while working on dentures.
    Same advantages as the Deluxe with Magnetic, only it has
    incisal pins for use with denture production.
    NZ$ 192.71
    NZ$ 145.29
  • Keystone Deluxe
    Here is an excellent, deluxe articulator for sending important
    cases between lab and doctor. It is lightweight, Teflon coated,
    made with very accurate, interchangeable mounts. High quality
    articulator at a low, economical price. Has a full range of
    movements including lateral excursions.
    NZ$ 111.73
    NZ$ 99.06
  • Magnet X
    A quick mount model system that assures articulation accuracy every time.
    Advantages are:
    • One stage base pour for fast model attachment to articulator
    • Can be used with any pin system and compatible with most articulators
    • Most parts are reusable
    Now you can pour the models, apply isolator for plaster and then
    accurately mount on the articulator in the correct position every time.
    NZ$ 224.93
  • Plasterless Articulator
    This high quality articulator is simple to operate as plaster is not needed. Simply mount the models using the clasping set bolts which allow for easy attachment and detachment from the articulator. Firmly grasps models of any size so occlusion can be checked and rechecked. Unit
    is made of highly polished aluminum so it can be easily
    cleaned and will not rust.
    NZ$ 824.87
    NZ$ 778.97
  • Candulor Articulator CA 3.0

    The challenge of creating highly esthetic patient work also calls for a natural function of the restoration.

    The CA 3.0 simulates the natural conditions of the jaw joint and thus offers excellent navigation for daily work. The articulator excels through its double cone shape of the guided joint section. The technical construction of the articulator is designed to simulate threedimensional natural movements, and these, in turn, are essential for physiological positioning.

    The results is esthetic quality that works.

    The plate system (Split-Cast) is another distinguishing simplication. The magnets are integrated into the articulator. This allows for clean adjustment without corrosion and plaster deposits.
    NZ$ 1,715.78
    NZ$ 1,319.53
  • Galetti Articulator
    The Galetti Articulator is solidly constructed of metal alloy casting. The high quality articular provides easy, speedy and firm grasps of models of any size. This item has perfect occlusal-articulator balance to prevent cuspidal interferences and maintains a balanced prosthetic appliance.
    The Galetti Articulator allows for easy separation of upper and lower components to form two different stable working bases. The ball bearing joint allows for free motion of the upper appliance to check the occlusal articulator balance. The hinge axis with bilateral motion gives the capability for anterior, posterior and lateral movements to show working and balancing movements.
    No plaster work or accessories are required with Galetti Articulators and they are easy to clean.
    NZ$ 1,037.66