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  • Apex #2 Bronze
    Same as Apex Chrome, but in bronze.
    NZ$ 47.99
  • Apex #2 Chrome
    A higher arch articulator than the
    K-Chrome. Machined to produce
    maximum accuracy.
    NZ$ 47.99
  • Crown & Bridge K-Chrome
    Specifically engineered for crown
    and bridgework, easy to adjust, easy to
    separate parts and machined for quality.
    NZ$ 43.69
  • K-Brass Denture Articulator
    Same features as the K-Chrome, but
    in softer and longer-lasting brass
    NZ$ 53.86
  • K-Chrome Denture Articulator
    A simple, chrome articulator machined
    to produce maximum accuracy for this
    type of articulator. Easy access to all
    surfaces, easy to adjust, and can be
    taken apart and assembled quickly.
    NZ$ 46.02
  • Spring Chrome
    A spring-loaded articulator for crown and
    bridgework. Reversible top permits two
    heights. Also, allows for protrusive and
    retrusive lateral movements.
    NZ$ 41.36
  • Disposable Articulators, Crown & Bridge, box 50
    The Precision Articulator is great for transferring mounted cases between the same articulator without the loss of accuracy. The incisal tables can unscrew and be easily replaced. The articulator has smooth lateral and protrusive movements. There’s an anterior leg for easy viewing. Box/50.
    NZ$ 79.24