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We supply a wide range of quality Dental Supplies. We cater specifically to Dental Clinics and Laboratories, providing everything you can need. 

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  • 3M-8210 Cupped Particulate Respirator P2-Classic, Medium
    ' The 3M 8210 particulate disposable respirator features welded straps for use in industries that must comply with staple-free respirators, e.g. food manufacturing.
    ' 8210 can also be used in certain applications against some bio-aerosols. such as, influenza virus
    ' Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time
    ' Mould nose clip to the wearer s nose shape to help reduce eyewear fogging and for a better seal and fit
    ' Made from 3M Advanced Electret Filter Material for effective filtration with low breathing resistance
    ' Does not contain components made from natural rubber latex
    ' P2 rated filtration efficiency
    ' Protects against hazards, such as, dusts, mists, smoke and fume
    ' Suitable for use where silica dust is present
    ' Complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012
    NZ$ 5.99 each
  • 3M-8812 Cupped Particulate Respirator P1, valved-Classic, Medium
    3M 8812 particulate respirator s lightweight construction is designed to help with wearer compliance. The nose-clip is made from galvanized steel for use in flammable atmosphere. The 8812 disposable respirator is compatible with other 3M personal safety products, e.g. eyewear and earplugs.
    ' Proprietary 3M Cool Flow exhalation valve helps to remove your hot exhaled air for a cooler and drier wear and encourages wearer compliance
    ' Coloured straps for easy identification of protection class (yellow for P1)
    ' Mould nose clip to the wearer s nose shape to help reduce eyewear fogging and for a better seal and fit
    ' Made from 3M Advanced Electret Filter Material for effective filtration with low breathing resistance
    ' Does not contain components made from natural rubber latex
    ' P1 rated filtration efficiency
    ' Protects against hazards, such as, dusts and mists
    ' Complies with AS/NZS 1716:2012
    NZ$ 7.99 each
  • Face Shield with Foam Band
    Face Shield Full with Foam Headband and Elastic Strap
    Designed for total facial protection for high risk areas.
    Full length Face Shield
    Adjustable elasticated head band
    Soft head sponge allows for long wear time
    Face Shield made of Ultra-Clear PET
    Double sided anti fog
    NZ$ 15.00 each
  • H910 Plus N95 Flat-fold Style Respirator
    A NIOSH and TGA approved N95 rated vertical flat fold respirator, suggested for protection against dust, mists and fumes/particulate aerosols free of oil
    Approved for 10 times the exposure standard of dusts produced by grinding, drilling, certain applications of brazing and welding etc.
    Shaped for better fit when worn in combination with eyewear.
    Low breathing resistance encourages longer wear time by improving the wearer s comfort.
    Humidity resistant and hypoallergenic filter media for maximum respirator service life.
    Durable latex-free suspension straps to eliminate pre-stretching.
    No staples, ideal for use in industries such as food.
    No restriction of vision or communication.
    NZ$ 5.40 each
  • Isolation Gown
    Gowns Isolation Yellow 40gsm
    Disposable Isolation Gowns in Yellow. These gowns are the same gowns as used by the Ministry of Health for Hospital and GP use around NZ.
    40 gsm gown
    Disposable Isolation Gowns.
    Impervious front
    Impervious sleeves,
    Heavier weight 40 gsm gown
    Knitted cuffs.
    Avaliable in a Box of 50 or Single units
    X-large fit
    NZ$ 4.99 each
  • Liberty Glasses Safety
    Excellent optical quality, these modern, stylish Liberty Safety Glasses are ideal for doctors and all medical personnel. They offer great eye protection with a wide field of vision with built-in side shields making a comfortable face hugging fit.
    Ideal for doctors and all medical personnel
    Frameless safety spectacles for unrestricted vision in all directions
    Soft non-allergenic Anti-slip temple inserts
    Soft Nose-bridge for maximum comfort
    Built-in side shields for added protection
    Low energy impact, UV Filtering, Sunglare Protection
    NZ$ 9.99 each
  • Reynard Bouffant Caps Round 53cm
    Reynard disposable bouffant caps are available in Blue and White. Made for a light weight breathable 10gm non-woven material, the round elasticated cap. They are suitable for use in hospitals, aged care and food production areas.

    Light weight breathable non-woven material
    Economical and Disposable
    Latex Free
    10g Polypropylene
    Round elasticated cap for a firm fit
    Comfortable to wear
    Available in blue or white
    NZ$ 24.00 BAG/100
  • Sanitol' Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser, 500ml bottle
    For use in: Healthcare Infection Prevention, Skincare, Hospitality & Food Service, Hotels & Accommodation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Skincare, Hand Sanitisers

    Sanitol' Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is a uniquely formulated antibacterial hand sanitiser designed to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Sanitol's rapidly acting formula kills 99.99% of germs ' protecting you against a range of potentially unsafe micro-organisms. It is an effective component of a hand and personal hygiene program and its scientifically advanced formula is gentle on all skin types.

    Key benefits:

    Kills 99.99% of germs
    Contains natural emollients to replenish the skins lipids ' leaves hands feeling soft, smooth & revitalised.
    Natural skin conditioners & light pleasant fragrance ' Ideal for all ages to use.
    A refreshing gel that kills germs without the need for water. Sanitol is ideal for use where an alcohol based hand rub is required.
    NZ$ 17.50 each
  • Avagard™ D Instant Hand Antiseptic, 500 ml
    with moisturizers (61% w/w ethyl alcohol)
    NZ$ 52.82
  • Avagard™ D Instant Hand Antiseptic, 88 ml
    with Moisturizers (61% w/w ethyl alcohol)
    Effective hand hygiene for dental professionals
    NZ$ 19.80
  • Gloves, Latex, Powder Free, Box/100
    Latex,Non Sterile,Clear
    NZ$ 19.99
    GB2626 standard
    High Filtration Efficiency
    Low Inhalation Resistance
    NZ$ 55.00 Box 10
    NZ$ 39.99 Box 10
  • Mac Arandell Hand Sanitiser Liquid Fragrance-Free 500ML
    Hospital-grade ' 70% v/v ethanol
    Kills 99.9% of germs
    Disinfects and leaves hands hygienically clean
    Free from: Fragrance, colour & triclosan
    Effective against a wide range of pathogens
    Economical pack ' 500ml
    Suitable for family use
    Manufactured in New Zealand

    MPI C54 approved (all animal products including dairy)
    AsureQuality Food/Beverage/Dairy approved

    Hands should be clean from dirt, dust, and contaminants
    Sanitise hands as required
    When used in conjunction with MPI C54 approval, delivery should be via a fixed metered dispenser (away from the processing line)
    NZ$ 24.99
    100% Biodegradable pH neutral – safe for use on all surfaces & equipment
    Highly absorbent Aperture Fabric due to Rayon component Apertured cloth attracts dirt during use. Leaves surfaces streak free.
    NZ$ 29.99
  • Viraclean Wipes - Flat Pack
    Viraclean Wipes unique formula and high quality apertured fabric allows you to CLEAN & DISINFECT in one simple step. Viraclean Wipes contains all multi-active ingredients of Viraclean with its proven broad spectrum activity and safe use history
    NZ$ 14.80