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  • Denstar 11 ON
    Designed as a molder or a wax model and electri carving, the Denstar 110N is the perfect tool for a dental technician and with the various included carving tips is able to be efficient and easy adjust with the existing temperature. This device delivers a convenient and comfortable working experience owing to its increased conductivity characteristics and is fitted with a two line circuit for simultaneous operation in of two tasks.

    Denstar 110N is lightweight and relatively compact and can be separate to other devices, resulting in an excellent end user experience. Even after use over longer periods, Denstar 110N does not promote fatigue due to the grip area of the caring knife being served in silicon.
  • Denstar 140
    The Denstar 140 Wax Carving Single Pencil is a tool for every dental technician or dentist. With its compact design, it is very convenient for the user to carry it anywhere he may need it. The Denstar 140 is improved in terms of its design and features. Precision on the temperature being used is maintained. The temperature used in molding and carving is also efficiently remembered by the device for the technician's succeeding usage. This is regardless if the equipment was turned off and on again. To avoid any injury that may be caused by misuse of the technician, the device has a sensor that can detect any sudden increase in temperature or mishandling. Aside from this, the power circuit is automatically shut down to avoid further damage and accident.
  • Denstar 200 - Dipping Pot
    This wax pot is designed to melt a variety of waxes in the dental lab. The dipping pot can heat wax quickly and keep it in a liquidated state without any changes to its physical properties. Its setting temperature is very visable. 108mm x 137mm x 70mm.
  • Denstar 140N
    DENSTAR-140N is a device for dental technology, and is a device for plastic dental surgery of wax model and electric carving of digital method. Its compact size makes it easy to carry with, and its simple design and strengthened function increased convenience of users.

    - Has long life span, and has ergonomic design.

    - Emits accurate temperature, since it has little deviation of temperature by stable supply of power.

    - Memory Function : Memorizes prior working temperature even after turning off and on the power. Error Function : Protects the Product by cutting the circuit automatically by the sensor when an outer defect is made by mistake of the user.

    - Cradle for Holder : It is enhanced user's convenience by adapting the magnetic cradle for holder

    - Chest : There are translucent chests at the rear of the product to preserve tips to protect from loss or damage.
  • Denstar 150N
    Designed to aid the dental technician in their duties, this handy tool is used to create concise wax models. With this system you can adjust heat temperature for the creation of quality and easy to use wax. Simply set your desired temperature using a touch sensor.

    It further includes electrical carving capabilities with the use of a 6 piece carving (or TIPS) system. A magnetic holder lets you hold the product in place for better carving and manipulation.

    Able to withstand high heats, this device is created to last. Cost saving and efficient, it is a great investment for the dental office.
  • Denstar Wax Pot 400
    This dental instrument is a wax pot designed to melt a variety of wax used in the dental industry. The wax pot can heat 4 different kinds of wax quickly and keep in its liquid condition without any change in physical properties. Its setting temperature is clearly visible and easy to compare with the current temperature, allowing any deviation to be reduced as much as possible to achieve optimum workability. It is easy to operate, heats wax quickly while still maintaining its liquid form without changes in physical properties, and has a built-in digital CPU circuit which maintains desired temperature accurately in Celsius(°C) or Fahrenheit(°F).