We supply a wide range of quality Dental Supplies. We cater specifically to Dental Clinics and Laboratories, providing everything you can need. 

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  • Denstar CAD/CAM
    J SUM3D & MG5D guarantee the perfect
    It’ s fully functional along with
    SUM3D Cam software.
    ? Easy to use, Easy to repair, Designated
    for you.
    Basic machine but with non-basic performance
    by simultaneous 5axis milling.
    5 7tools pocket Diamond coating ball end
    mill tools of 2mm, 1 mm and 0.5mm are
    fj Milling for long hours is available so it can
    draw maximum productivity.
    Maximize productivity, Minimize milling hours.
    ^ Available for undercut milling for detailed
    part with simultaneous 5axis motion.
  • Schuler CAD/CAM wax
    Reflection-free and extremely opaque scan waxes for the CAD/CAM technique, appropriate for all laser scanning systems. These waxes have a low contraction. Also they can be milled.
    For modelling and blocking-out with a modelling capacity like S-U-ESTHETIC-WAX-A (though not appropriate for casting purposes – for casting purposes, please use our S-U-ESTHETIC-WAX-O or S-U-INLAY-WAX grey).
    The S-U-CAD/CAM-WAX grey is especially ideal for strip light scanners, because of its neutral colouring.
    NZ$ 52.18
    NZ$ 47.34