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  • Base Plate Material, Pack of 50
    The ProCure base material is a premixed
    composite wafer, ready for immediate
    adaptation. They are easy to form, stable,
    and accurate. Ideal for making base
    plates for a variety of try-in situations.
    Rough surface has excellent adherence to
    all waxes. The ProCure base plates
    are packaged in a tub with 50 premade
    composite wafers per package.
    NZ$ 269.23
  • Block Out Material
    ProCure now has a low viscosity,
    pigmented light-cured resin in syringe
    form that is excellent for blocking out
    models. This unique resin can be used
    in a variety of situations, and for filling
    voids and chips in prepared models.
    The kit comes with 5 pre-filled 1.2 cc
    syringes and 15 tips. Tips can be ordered
    NZ$ 121.56
  • Light Cure Blocking Out Material
    • Suitable to be used with all SPACER’S -
    does not build up any dispersion layers
    • Aimed at precise application due to its fluid
    and paste consistency
    • Thermostability by dipping
    • Available and ready in syringe
    Curing time: Approximately 4-5 minutes depending
    on the material thickness and the power of the light
    curing unit.
    NZ$ 101.88
  • Glaze
    DR has developed a new Glaze material
    for its light oven. The material can be
    easily brushed on to any prepared
    denture, partial, or orthodontic work.
    The Glaze will surface seal the
    appliance thus adding longevity to the
    color stability, preventing bacterial
    growth and providing a hardened
    surface that is more impervious.
    The Glaze is packaged in a 12cc bottle
    with handy application brushes and a
    bottle of air barrier.
    NZ$ 195.64
  • ProCure Custom Tray Wafers, Pack of 50
    The ProCure Tray Material comes in a soft,
    pliable and ready-to-use wafer. The trays
    can be quickly formed onto a model to
    make a fast, accurate and stable custom
    impression tray. A handle can be attached
    and the tray shaped before it is placed in
    the ProCure Light Oven. The finished tray
    is ready in just minutes.
    ProCure Custom tray comes in a tub of
    50 wafers per package.
    NZ$ 225.72