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  • Boil Out Denture Curing Unit,110 V + free transformer for 220V
    The Keystone Denture Curing Unit can be used for both boil out and curing. It cures up to 4 double flask compresses or 8 denture arches. The stainless construction comes equipped with a sturdy, black plastic lid and a hard, plastic shelf inside the unit making cleaning and anti-corrosion simple. The one-piece unit is sealed with no seams that will leak. There’s a thermostatic control for variable holding temperatures.
    NZ$ 1,651.06
  • Bosworth - Pressure Pot Hydraulic Water Press
    Pressure Pot Hydraulic Water Press is used in creating high quality relines, repairs, splints, temporaries, and orthodontic appliances. The Pressure Pot Hydraulic Water Press guarantees a dense, super-smooth, color stable on any self-curing acrylic with just 10-15 p.s.i. Creating a temporary with the Pressure Pot Hydraulic Water Press increases strength by reducing voids and porosity.

    This Pressure Pot Hydraulic Water Press does not require electricity, heat, or air pressure. It is lightweight and easily transportable. Saves time on many procedures!
    NZ$ 525.00
  • Heater for Pressure Pot
    Can be used as a heater for the units that do not have heater originally
    NZ$ 165.11
  • LANG - Aquapres Hydraulic Pressure
    Lang- Aquapres Hydraulic Pressure Curing unit for Processing self curing acrylic resins.
    Improve the quality of the fabrication process. When combining Jet™ Acrylics and Lang Dental´s Aquapres™, you can decrease undesirable results, which can be time consuming and costly. The complete fabrication system consistently generates dependable, high-quality results by eliminating porosity in methacrylate acrylics and achieving long-lasting color.
    Hydraulic, not pneumatic
    3 Easy-Steps to generate pressure
    Compact design
    NZ$ 649.00
    NZ$ 599.00
  • Pneumatic Heat Regulated Pressure Pot
    This Pneumatic Heat Regulated Pressure Pot is safe and easy to use for curing a wide variety of acrylics under controlled heat and pressure. Constructed of both stainless steel and aluminum, the curing vessel features easy-to-read, built-in dual gauges to provide accurate readouts for both pressure and internal temperature of the pot, an adjustable temperature control, and a pressure safety release. Its solid clad bottom provides even heat distribution.
    NZ$ 1,155.74
    NZ$ 1,017.05
  • Pressure Pot No Heater
    Holds Upto 8 flasks
    High quality aluminium.
    Available With input for air line.
    Available in 6 and 8 quart models.
    Available with Internal electric heating or to be used on a gas stove
    NZ$ 581.17
  • Pressure Pot No Heater - 6 qts
    This durable gas powered product is constructed from aluminium, it holds up to 6 poured flasks. This product is also available with automatic air regulator with heater.
    NZ$ 527.02
    The Pro-line Pressure Pail has a lot of excellent features that other pressure pots do not. Internal pressure can be generated either hydraulically using water or pneumatically using air from a compressor. The Pressure Pail is large enough (6″ diameter by 6″ deep), to hold a standard reline jig or smaller articulator.

    The easy crank handle, replaceable O-ring, and all-aluminium construction make this pot excellent for curing all types of cold-cured acrylics. Great for repairs, relines, splint production, retainers and more. Airline adaptor sold separately.
    NZ$ 561.36
    NZ$ 527.02