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    Panoramic Daylight Loader : The 810 Basic or 9000 processor may be used in a normally lighted room by employing the following optionally available Daylight Loader. This light-tight film loader accomodates all intraoral, panoramic, 5" X 7" (12.7 X 17.8 cm) and 8" X 10" (20.3 X 25.4 cm) film sizes. Water Recirculator Unit: This optional system is capable of providing wash water when it is impractical to connect the processor to permanent plumbing. It consists of a submersible pump with line cord, hose for connecting the pump to the processor and a seven gallon water container. The pump line cordplugs into the same connector as would the Solenoid Assembly. Mounting Base: The Mounting Base raises the Processor 4 1/2" (11.4 cm) above the countertop, providing clearance for all hoses and eliminating the necessity of drilling holes in the countertop. Processor Stand: The Processor Stand provides for convenient support of the Processor, Water Recirculator and storage. It is o
  • Film Processors
    AUTOMATIC FILM PROCESSOR Features: There are over 65,000 Dent-X 810 automatic processors installed worldwide, spanning over 25 years of high quality film processing. Each of the three processor models share some of the same popular characteristics: All Dent-X Automatic Film Processors: * Are extremely low maintenance * Alert the operator when the system is ready to process film * Quickly and quietly produce a dry, archive-ready film * Have a compact form, specifically designed for dental offices * Can be cleaned and prepped in minutes * Are available with an optional chemical drain kit to make cleaning even easier
  • Panoramic X-Ray
    DENTEX Panoura 18S Digital Panoramic X- Ray - 3-in-1 system The Panoura is a 3-in-1 panoramic system The Panoura 18 provide yo with freedom and flexibility for in-office upgrade or 3D. You can install the unit today and then upgrade to CEPHALOMETRIC module or with a 3D SENSOR CMOS SENSOR The Panoura 18S has a built-in cooling system located in the Sensor Housing. The Panoura 18S also has mulitple examinations: * Panaromic 3D Imaging * TMJ Sinus and Cephalometric Technicial Information: * Built-in Cooling system * Multiple Examinations * Autofocus Imaging * Multifocal layer technology * 4,500 images in a single pan * CdTe technology: 3 times resolution * Superior algorithm engine For more specific technical information about PANOURA 18S system please read below . The Panoura CMOS sensor can be easily placed on the Cephalometric arm or the panoramixc port. Just twist the lock in place and you are ready to acquire. EVASOFT - DENTAL IMAGING SOFTWARE