We supply a wide range of quality Dental Supplies. We cater specifically to Dental Clinics and Laboratories, providing everything you can need. 

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  • Clasp Kit
    The Keystone Industries’ Clasp kit has all your needs with 12 each of various clasps. You get 96 total clasps. The clasps in the kit are: 2L, 2S, 7L, 7R, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
    NZ$ 528.34
    NZ$ 488.70
  • Diamond D Ultra Sep
    The Diamond D Ultra Sep is a state-of-the-art tin foil substitute that penetrates and adheres to stone and plaster. Then, the stone and plaster breaks away easily from the acrylic after processing. The Diamond D Ultra Sep will produce unsurpassed results and save time in denture finishing.

    1 qt
    NZ$ 56.78
  • Grid Strengtheners
    These Grid Strengtheners have round perforations (2.5mm) to assure excellent resin bond to establish a strong stabilized denture base for acrylics. Available in 10/Pkg.

    Stainless Steel
    NZ$ 132.08
    NZ$ 99.05
  • Itsoclear Universal Clasps
    Itsoclear Clasps provide the ability to produce and repair a clasp in less than four minutes with cosmetic appeal unlike any other clasp.
    Universal clasps, 1.8 mm thick
    NZ$ 132.07
    NZ$ 99.06
  • Roach Clasps, pack 10
    Stainless Steel
    Pack 10
    NZ$ 64.72
    NZ$ 58.12
  • Stainless Steel Ball Clasps
    Our Stainless Steel Ball Clasps come in two different sizes:
    – Small – .028″ dia. (.7mm)
    – Large – .032″ dia. (.8mm)

    Comes in either 10/Pkg. Also we have .036 Ball Clasps and .040
    NZ$ 33.01
  • Stainless Steel Clasp Wire
    These Stainless Steel Clasp Wires are available in half-round and round configurations.
    NZ$ 39.61
  • Stainless Steel Wire Clasps
    We offer a variety of sizes of stainless steel wire clasps.

    Sizes: 2L, 2S, 3L, 3S, 4, 5, 7L, 7R, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13-0, 14L, 14R.


    Please specify required size when ordering.
    NZ$ 132.07
    NZ$ 92.45
  • Strengtheners
    These strengtheners are twisted, braided strips that are 3-1/2″ long. Available in 10/Pk.

    Stainless Steel
    NZ$ 66.04
    NZ$ 52.82
  • Wire Mesh
    We have varieties to wire mesh to meet all demands. We have a Stainless mesh that is X-Fine and Med-Fine which are both 6”x6”
    NZ$ 39.61