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  • Centri-fuse Kit
    The demand of athletic mouthguard customization has grown significantly during the past few years. It’s not uncommon to see professional athletes showing off their custom mouthguards with personal numbers, team logos or phrases on it. That’s why Keystone Industries is thrilled to launch the centri-fuse kit, an innovative product that makes the application of decals to mouthguards quicker, easier and more cost effective.
    NZ$ 363.23
  • Insta Cool
    Use Insta Cool to immediately chill dental appliances for better adaptation and faster production. Using Insta Cool assures fast, excellent fitting results. Comes in a 10 oz. can.
    NZ$ 73.61
  • Mold Release Spray
    This Mold Release Spray is and extremely versatile release agent and lubricant. The silicone spray produces a dry anti-stick surface coating, which is particularly suited as a model spray prior to vacuum forming mouthguard or other thermoplastic materials. Available in an 11 oz. spray can.
    NZ$ 86.82