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  • Keystone Vacuum Former Machine III
    Easy-to-use system
    Uses 5" x 5" resin sheets
    Symmetrical heating system
    Lightweight, rust free aluminium frame
    Made in USA
    5 Year Guarantee on parts and labour
    NZ$ 1,155.74
  • Dual Chambered
    The Pro-form vacuum former has a
    dual-chambered, heavy duty vacuum
    motor especially designed for the
    dental industry.
    NZ$ 1,361.21
  • Machine IV
    The “Machine” is an economical unit
    that is excellent for fabricating most
    thermoplastic appliances
    NZ$ 1,314.86
    NZ$ 1,236.34
  • Pressure Dome
    Pro-form has developed a new pressure dome for fabricating
    better fitting dental appliances when using vacuum forming
    techniques. This new attachment hooks into any compressor’s
    air line and provides extra pressure to a vacuum unit when
    adapting thermoplastics over an existing model. The Pressure
    Dome will fit any vacuum unit that makes 5" x 5" plastics.
    Works great for making laminated mouthguards, heavy-duty
    splints, hard/soft dual laminated splints, Proflex base plates,
    model duplication, orthodontic retainers and more.
    NZ$ 424.28
  • Pro-Line Air Vac 2000
    This powerful little pressure unit provides superior adaptation for dental plastics. The unit utilizes the laboratory’s or operator's internal air
    compressor to provide the maximum amount of air pressure to adapt

    220 VOLTS
    NZ$ 1,981.26
    NZ$ 1,538.78
  • Single Chambered
    The Pro-form single-chambered vacuum
    former is an economical unit that is
    excellent for fabricating most thermoplastic
    NZ$ 1,090.43