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  • Dust Collector Basic
    Voltage: (A) 220V/50Hz ± 10%
    Power 370W
    Maximum Pressure 17KPA
    Maximum Vacuum -9.8KPA
    Maximum noise intensity - 60db
    NZ$ 495.32
  •  SILENT TS Suction Unit
    RENFERT - Silent TS Station Dust Collectors
    The strong, controllable suction power makes the Silent TS suitable as a machine and workstation extractor.
    3x longer service life ( in comparison to conventional collector motors ) due to new motor technology.
    The high volume flow ( 3,300 l/min ) protects against dust exposure.
    Low noise pollution thanks to max. suction noise of 58 dB/A.
    NZ$ 3,256.00
  • SILENT COMPACT Suction Unit
    RENFERT- Silent Compact 1 Station Dust Collector
    The SILENT compact is a small, workplace extraction unit for one appliance.
    No dust bag change due to bagless, fine filter technology, including mechanical filter cleaning function.
    Easy use due to the intelligent switch-on function controlled by the appliance.
    Noise level reduced due to a fully enclosed collector motor.
    NZ$ 2,099.14
    Compact space saving design
    Health-smart, contains anti-microbial bag filter
    Medical Grade HEPA filter included
    Ultra-quiet performance
    Infinite speed control
    Quick access motor compartment
    NZ$ 1,585.02
  • iVAC CAD/CAM Dust Collector
    iVAC CadCam (iVL-911-16)
    For intermittent milling operation or lower debris volume (1 disk/puck at a time)

    iVAC TWIN CadCam (iVTL-911-16)
    For continuous milling operation or high debris volume (larger debris chamber)

    Start-Stop automatically when connected to the milling machine
    Outperform ALL competing milling machine dust collectors
    HEPA Filter ensures 99.97% efficiency on submicron particles such as fine zirconium dust in CAD/CAM milling
    Quietest units on the market (52-55dbA)
    Exclusive hybrid INFINITY motors
    "AutoFlow" speed feature (set to lowest acceptable speed, motors automatically speed up to overcome pressure increase)
    "Temporary ON" feature (clean your mill while model is in standby mode)
    Exclusive "OnLine Filter Cleaning" feature (Operate the mill overnight while the filters clean themselves, No Touch Filter Cleaning)
    Bagless system for heavier applications
    Separate access doors allow you to remove debris without having to access filter section (keeps room
    NZ$ 3,961.22