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  • Dental Arch Trimming ‐ Millo Pro RENFERT ‐
     The Millo (pro) provides the basis for precise model fabrication. The use of the Millo (pro) also increases safety at work and saves time.
     A powerful, maintenance‐free motor provides quick, effortless trimming of dental arches.
     The fine surface finish and absolutely uniform conical surface in the dental arch guarantee functional reliability and accuracy.
     Connection to an extractor unit ensures a clean workstation and a high degree of health
     The height of the Millo pro cutter can also be adjusted, thus enabling easy trimming of
    difficult tooth positions.
     Extractors without automatic switch‐on can be automated using a direct connection with the Millo pro.
     Completely non‐tipping thanks to enlarged base surface.
     Space‐saving due to compact design.
     Uncomplicated cutter change using the integrated tool key.
     Detachable work table ensures easy cleaning.
  • Trimmer with Diamond Wheel
     Power: 500w
     Metal diamond disc
     Low Noise
     Made in China
  • Wet & Dry- RENFERT- MT Plus
    The MT plus is a wet and dry trimmer. Pure power, even the hardest stone is easily removed
    thanks to the powerful motor performance.
     The front door can be easily removed without the use of tools to allow easy, quick
     Detachable trimmer table and spray tube enable very easy cleaning.
     Noise‐reducing, scratch‐resistant housing made from a special material (polyurethane).
     Can be used for any model situation due to infinitely adjustable trimmer table.
     Integrated tool allows quick change of the trimmer disc.
     100% stainless housing.
     The motor and water is stopped by a safety switch when opening the door, providing a high degree of safety.