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  • Hydraulic Press
    Working pressure 100‐ 150 bars ( 1‐ 1.5 tons )
    Commonly‐used pressure is 20 mpa
    Includes Press Gauge in Bars up to 600 bars ‐ also can be read in mm/hg
    Built to Handle 1 to 3 big denture flasks
    Stainless Steel construction
    Plate Stroke
    5 years warranty on manufacturing defects
    NZ$ 1,155.74
    NZ$ 923.27
  • Hydraulic Press Deluxe
    Made in Germany
    Hydraulic flask press for up to 3 flasks, incl. flask clamps. Robust structure, resistant spindle. The pump housing, as well as the top part of the spindle are made of cast steel.
    Automatic repositioning of the table.
    The new flask possesses the ideal size and dimensions for clamping-frames, used for injection techniques.
    NZ$ 1,979.95
    NZ$ 1,776.54
  • Hydraulic Press Basic
    Rated pressure: 25Mpa
    Made in China
    NZ$ 851.95