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  • Alloy Grinder - RAY FOSTER
    Alloy Grinder – RAY FOSTER
    High Speed Grinder with Variable Speed Control
    with/without dust collector
    For 60 years Foster High Speed Alloy grinders have been providing precise, efficient and
    reliable service worldwide.

    Rugged and comfortable to use, the Foster Alloy Grinder is a proven time saver when it comes to tasks like prue separating, or finishing and polishing chrome alloy framework.
    All models feature a fully adjustable safety shield and light assembly, adjustable working height, and large work area for operator comfort.

    Each machine is equipped with a precision high‐speed automatic spindle, which allows the changing of tools without stopping the motor.

     Fingertip speed control with a front panel mounted potentiometer
     Adjustable spindle working height
     Heavy duty, high torque 1/4 HP motor in a totally enclosed housing
     2.5” suction port for connection to Ray Foster Cyclone Dust Collector or other dust col