We supply a wide range of quality Dental Supplies. We cater specifically to Dental Clinics and Laboratories, providing everything you can need. 

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  • Art Carver - BEGO
     Color‐coded for easy identification
     Stainless steel tips for durability
     Affordably priced for lasting value.
  • Carvers - KEYSTONE
    These Carvers are ideal for carving margins and interproximal areas on wax bridges.
    Vehe Carver
    Ward #1 Carver
    LeCron Inlay Carver
    #5Roach Carver
    Modified Roach Carver
    Hollenback #3
    Hollenback #3S
    Baltimore Spatula #7.5
    Gritman Spatula #31
    Cement Spatulas #24
    Wax Spatula #7
    NZ$ 32.36
    NZ$ 24.62
  •  With Leather case.
     Quantity: 12 pcs
     8 interchangeable tips
     4 handlers
     Material: Stainless steel
     Made in USA
  • Ceramist Carver Waxer Kit
     With Leather case.
     Quantity: 12 pcs
     8 interchangeable tips
     4 handlers
     Material: Stainless steel
     Made in USA
  • Double Sided Wax Carver & Spatula
     This item is for mixing materials and general laboratory use.
     The WAX Carver is used for the shaping of wax using tools usually associated with machining: rotary tools, saws, files and burins or gravers.
     The SPATULA is a small implement with a broad, flat, flexible blade used to mix, spread and lift materials giving you the most efficiency in one instrument.
  • Ergo Colour Wax-Renfert
    Ergo Colour Wax ‐ Set x 5
    ERGO wax instruments are characterised by the wide variety of applications for which they can be employed and by their individual adaptability. The modern handle design is different for each instrument, thus making them unique.
    * Instruments can be ground according to individual needs.
    * Probes, blades and scrapers made from hand ground stainless steel.
    * Fine, anodised handles, comfortable to hold, heat‐resistant and insulated.
    * 5 instrument handles with 10 different tips
    * Instrument tips can be ground individually to suit requirements
    * Hand trimmed tips made from stainless steel
  • Foil Knife - Rapidi - BEGO
    Modelling knife complete with blade snapper and 40 blades. Length 140 mm.
  • Modelling Carver Set 5 - Bego
    ­ BEGO Modelling Set Complete Set of 5
    The set contains the most important instruments for dental technicians
     Fixed stainless steel tips offer great precision and accuracy in both denture and partial wax‐ups.
     Lightweight, aluminium shafts and fatigue‐free design
  • Wax Instruments Peter K Thomas - Shark
     The feather weight aluminium handle offers extremely comfortable handling to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.
     P.K. Thomas set is made from non‐magnet stainless steel hollow handle that never rust and light in weight and tips made from French stainless steel that is extra durable and work longer without losing its shape.
     Can either be purchased as a complete set of 5 pieces or individually.
     Stainless Steel