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  • Flexi Tips
    The Flexi Tips is composed of composite instruments which make easy to work on occlusal anatomy. There are also good for labs and clinic.
     Non sticky
     Pre‐ formed anatomical angles
     5 per pack
     White or Black
     Autoclavable
  • Flexi Tips - Metal
     Specially designed for sticky composite resins, acrylics, epoxies, sealants, lubricants and
     Have a true non‐stick surface, flexible enough to produce fluid shapes but firm enough to compact and condense viscous composite material
     The key to their performance is the solid, flexible silicone tip; 5 unique tip shapes
     Materials can be picked‐up, applied, condensed, carved, blended, smoothed and textured effortlessly
     Angle Chisel for applying stains & internal stria
     Flat Chisel for bending layers & shaping surfaces
     Cup Chisel for modelling occlusal surfaces
     Cup Round for modelling cervical areas
     Taper Point ideal for occlusal
     Allows each layer of composite material to be firmly compacted and smoothed into the
    previous layer
     Easily polish and create a beautiful, dense restoration with no visible joints or voids
     Have been evaluated and approved by the lead

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