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  •  This makes the process of casting with a torch much safer. Without spring, the drive of the arm is made by the high impulsion. Flip door sideways engages the arm of centrifugation only when fully closed. Acceleration control
     RPM and timing control
     Weight balance control
     Stainless steel
     The security door that initializes the centrifuge after closing the door automatically
     One year warranty on muffles
     Dimensions: 475 x 450 x 570mm; Weight: 54Kg
  • Fundor T Casting Machine- BEGO
     Casting of all dental alloys (except titanium).
     Rugged, maintenance‐free motor with long service life.
     Double‐jointed arm enables constant casting quality.
     Variable starting speed.
     Quick‐clamping device for fast and secure insertion of crucibles and moulds.
     Durable ceramic melting crucible for all alloys.
     High degree of safety due to cover lock. Meets OSHA standards.
     High degree of stability: additional fastening devices not necessary.
     Variable mould holder.
     1 safety glasses
     3 precious‐metal melting crucibles
     3 combination melting crucibles
     1 dispenser Auromelt HF‐
     Casting mould former‐ sizes 3‐ 6 and 9‐ 1 each

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