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  • Fundor T Casting Machine- BEGO
    Casting of all dental alloys (except titanium).
    Rugged, maintenance‐free motor with long service life. Double‐jointed arm enables constant casting quality.
    Variable starting speed.
    Quick‐clamping device for fast and secure insertion of crucibles and moulds.
    Durable ceramic melting crucible for all alloys.
    High degree of safety due to cover lock. Meets OSHA standards.
    High degree of stability: additional fastening devices not necessary. Variable mould holder.
    1 safety glasses
    3 precious‐metal melting crucibles
    3 combination melting crucibles
    1 dispenser Auromelt HF‐
    Casting mould former‐ sizes 3‐ 6 and 9‐ 1 each
  • Induction Casting units
    EDG- Powercast Induction Casting Centrifugal Machine
    EDG induction centrifuges melt all metals except titanium without the use of gases or flame. Heating is by electromagnetic induction.
    Completely safe, clean, precise eliminates rework in foundries.
    Economical, they consume on average, in each fusion the equivalent of an electric iron connected for 4 minutes.
    Balancing the centrifugal arm by balancing device.
    Fast and secure attachment of the ring.
    NZ$ 20,120.47
    NZ$ 19,152.29