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  • Alcohol Lamp Chrome plated
    HS Alcohol Lamp Chrome 5oz
    Use this lamp to heat the working tools in wax or as a polishing flame or where a low temperature is desired.
    Chrome plated.
    Capacity 5 oz
    NZ$ 104.50
    NZ$ 85.49
  • Alcohol Lamp Small
    NZ$ 19.90
  • Alcohol Torch Plastic
    This plastic alcohol torch is used for easy, quick applications in the lab.
    This plastic torch uses denatured alcohol only.
    Wick is long lasting and keeps a steady flame.
    NZ$ 29.00
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Butane Gas Touch O Matic
    "On‐Off" platform saves gas; reduces heat load and electricity expended, serves as a comfortable hand rest
    Simply depress and turn platform slightly for continuous flame
    The removable and rotatable shield protects the pilot and flame from drafts
    The burner assembly can be conveniently detached for cleaning
    NZ$ 499.00
    NZ$ 425.00
  • Electric Bunsen Burner Induction Heating System
    No more Alcohol or Gas burners.
    Portable and immediately operational.
    Safety indicator automatically prevents carver from overheating.
    5 removable cover cap included for easy clean‐up.
    Eliminates risk of fire and getting burned
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 385.00
  • Microtorch
    The Microtorch is a 2‐in‐1 open flame torch and flameless heat tool with a heat shrink attachment.
    The temperatures go up to 2,500F/1,300C with the open flame and 932F/500C with hot air tip. The flame is adjustable to create a broad or pinpoint flame.
    NZ$ 125.00
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Natural Gas Double Bunsen Burner
    Natural Gas
    Double Bunsen Burner
    It has a fire size regulating valve
    Regulation of air entrance that always provides a blue flame
    Does not contaminate the tools or wax
    NZ$ 85.00
    NZ$ 70.00
  • RENFERT ‐ Safety Burner Eco Natural Gas
    The eco safety burner is a single tube safety burner for use with liquid gas and natural gas.
    High degree of safety due to automatic shut‐off of the gas supply if the flame is extinguished unintentionally.
    Quick cleaning of the easily detachable collector tray.
    NZ$ 430.00
    NZ$ 399.00
  • No Flame Plus Bunsen Burner
    Electric Bunsen Burner Induction Heating System - 220 Volts
    Electric Bunsen burner in the form of a compact induction heating
    Replaces the open flame.
    NZ$ 450.00
    NZ$ 385.00
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