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  • 2 Post Reline Jig - Keystone
    This reline jig is a chrome two‐post jig used for accurate reline applications. It´s made of
    chrome plate zinc alloy and the posts features tapered tops to aid in upper plate alignment.
    NZ$ 96.42
  • Denture Flask Bronze
     Excellent quality
     Very strong and durable
     Polished insides and easy cleaning
     Upper/Lower
    NZ$ 211.34
  • Duplicating Flask
    These Duplicating Flasks are used in producing full or partial dentures. High quality and long lasting.
    Available in raised bottom and flat bottom
    NZ$ 99.06
    Durable, one‐piece casting of special high tensile manganese bronze, notable for its strength.
    Special wrench and holding handle are supplied. Convenient lifting loop is attached, permitting easy compress placement or removal from hot curing baths.
    NZ$ 1,059.98
     Made of forged brass, interior and exterior are both finished
     Tapered, stainless steel guide pins securely and accurately align flask sections
     Dimensions: 35/8"L x 4"W x 21/3"H
     Upper And Lower Flask Available
    NZ$ 1,055.36
  • Injection Flask
    Flasks for Flexibles
    Heavy duty aluminium flask manufactured with a special design with key
    NZ$ 452.39
  • Microwaveable Flasks Tecnoflask Kit Muffle - Keystone
    Keystone Industries could not be more excited for a product that allows Diamond D® and other acrylics to be processed in much quicker time and easier fashion inside of a microwave. The TF‐100 muffle will give your laboratory a cleaner environment and make the process more enjoyable for the production of your work. Included with the kit and available separately is the PL‐100 protection plate, which extends the muffle´s service life with extra needed protection
    NZ$ 394.93
  • Spring Compress #2
     #2 Spring Compress with handle and wrench
     This uses a handle and wrench in order to compress up to two flask.
     Weight: 5 lbs; Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 9
     Material: Bronze
     Made in USA
    NZ$ 310.40