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  • Quicktemp Cosmetic Flowable Composite
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    CONTENTS: Flowable Composite Colour Assortment Kit: 4 x 1.5g syringes in shades HB0, A1, A2, A3.5 and 10 luer lock tips. Single Shade: 1 x 1.5g syringe & 4 luer lock tips.
    New Quicktemp Cosmetic Flowable Composite precisely matches the shade, translucency and fluorescence of the Quicktemp Cosmetic Temporary Crown material, so any repairs or additions are seamless and invisible. Quicktemp Cosmetic Flowable Composite is fluid during, yet stable after, application. The luer lock tips enable exact application. It is easy to polish, is radio-opaque and is dispensed from a handy syringe, which minimises any waste and ensures easy control of the flowable material. Quicktemp Cosmetic Flowable Composite can also be used for small fillings in Class III, IV and V cavities, minimally invasive fillings as well as for lining the cavity.
    NZ$ 88.70
  • Ultrafine Glass Composite (A2 syringe...
    CONTENTS: Single Syringe: containing 3.0g and shade guide on end Single Compules: containing 20 x 3.0g of a single shade

    Beautiful restorations that are long lasting and easy to place and finish Schottlander Ultra Fine Glass Composite is an intra-oral light curing polymer-based dental restorative material, radio-opaque and highly polishable. Its outstanding sculpting properties offers dentists the opportunity to rebuild the tooth structure naturally. Schottlander Ultra Fine Glass Composite is optimally suitable for the multi-colour layer technique, which ensures not only a natural and highly aesthetic filling but also a minimization of the polymerization shrinkage. Schottlander Ultra Fine Glass Composite is the product of choice for aesthetically demanding restorations. The shade variety and high polishability allow for a natural replica of the tooth structure with outstanding strength.

    • Beautiful restorations for all cavity classes
    • Great durability - with over
    NZ$ 52.06