We supply a wide range of quality Dental Supplies. We cater specifically to Dental Clinics and Laboratories, providing everything you can need. 

  • Diamond D® Acrylics & Accessories
    The Leading High Impact Acrylic in the World! To fabricate natural looking dentures it requires artistry, and technical expertise, as well as materials to support those abilities. Diamond D was specially formulated to provide exceptional working characteristics, ultra impact resistance, and flexural strength. The demand for better aesthetics and function in removable prosthetics is greater than ever. Diamond D can provide your laboratory the highest standards in denture acrylic to meet the challenge.
  • Sledgehammer Acrylic
    Sledgehammer Heat Cure is a high impact, cross-linked, color stable denture base with excellent working properties. It’s compatible with most injection systems. Available in 4 aesthetics, cadmium free shades with matching repair, pour and microwavable materials. Can be used with Sledgehammer 20 Minute Monomer for shortened cure time.